Join us in transforming urban/public spaces to public living rooms together with migrants, refugees and local communities in cities across Europe.

In these co-created spaces the communities re-connect and re-discover each other through culture and storytelling.



This concept was selected to participate in the Vienna Design Week City Work Social Design Programme 2015


Design in the Middle Workshop
by School of Redesign
MAXXI Museum of the 21st Century Art, Rome
1-5.03, 2017

We were working with designers, architects and creatives from Middle East to generate future scenarios that can solve some challenges in the Middle East through design. Our founder and director Laura M. Pana was part of the Nomadentity group that addressed challenges such as open borders, immigration, self dignity, identity. More details about the workshop are available here.


On March 4th we presented Migrationlab and Welcome to the Living Room to a wider audience at MAXXI Museum

Wrap up with Max Borka
Co-founder and Director of State of Design Berlin

Welcome To The Living Room Co-Design Workshop
@NIFFO Galerie Rotterdam
Sept 18, 2016

Call for Participation
Welcome To The Living Room Co-Design Workshop
September 18, 2016 @NIFFO GALERIE / RECYCLE STUDIO Rotterdam

Graphic Design by Oana Clitan /

Welcome To The Living Room
July 2, 2016 // The Hague

We were initially planning to transform the Humanity House Terrace in The Hague to a public living room. Instead we ended up transforming the attic, as the weather was quite unstable.

This is our making off for both living rooms within 2 hours.
Before and after the rain.

"Welcome To The Public Room!" event on July 2 followed the collective work of a group of 20 migrants, refugees and Dutch locals during the Welcome To The Living Room Co-Design Workshop, organized at the Leiden University College The Hague, on March 30, 2016.
Check the previous post for more details.

Welcome To The Living Room Co-Design Workshop
March 30, 2016 // The Hague

Welcome to the Living Room 

at Spotlight:Romania. A Film and Photography Festival 

October 22, 2015 // The Hague

This time we teamed up with Eastwards and together we transformed the GEMAK Art Gallery into a public living room. Our event was part of Spotlight:Romania. A Film and Photography Festival and our living room captured Romanian influences with traditional carpet, rug, table cloths and Spotlight:Romania photography exhibition. 

This is our making of.

Photo credits: Corina Burlacu, EastwardsNL.

Welcome to the Living Room - Design dein Favortiten

Vienna Design Week - Austria's Largest Design Festival

September 25th - October 4th, 2015

We co-created a public living room together with migrants, refugees and local Austrians, who built and personalised with paint, upholstery and fabrics Enzo Mari's famous Sedia 1 Chair, designed as an example of "Autoprogettazione" in 1974, which deals around the DIY construction of furniture.

Our co-created public living room was set up in Brotfabrik, former bread factory transitioning to a cultural center, in Vienna's most densely populated district with a predominant immigrant population. 

The project was a collaboration between migrationlab, Verein08 and curator Alice Stori Liechtenstein.

Photos: ©Vienna Design Week/Petra Rautenstrauch/Kollektiv Fischka


Welcome to The Living Room! 

Installation in the making curated by Alice Stori Liechtenstein