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2018, JRPRingier & Les Presses du réel

2018, JRPRingier & Les Presses du réel

We are very honoured to be included in Design as an Attitudeas one of the most exciting innovations in social design that responds to the refugee crisis (pag. 138 and 167). Written by one of the world’s leading design and culture commentators, London-based critic and New York Times contributor Alice RawsthornDesign as an Attitude explains how design is responding to an age of intense economic, political, social and ecological instability by exploring the most dynamic developments in contemporary design and assessing their impact on our lives now and in the future.


Iulia Pirvu, founder Design Driven & Concept Machine, and Laura M. Pana, our founder and director, met this summer in Bucharest. We are happy to share with you a part of their afternoon talk captured in this interview. Enjoy!


Jan. 17, 2017. Our founder Laura M. Pana was Adrian Oianu's guest at Smart FM, an independent cultural radio station based in Bucharest, Romania. 

We talked Migrationlab and what it can do in Romania, why it's important to get involved in social and cultural initiatives, and Romania's emigration issues.

You can listen to the discussion (in Romanian) here


Nov. 8, 2016. Spreading the news in the USA: we are very happy and proud for the opportunity to contribute to the 'Architectures of Migration' issue of ARCADE Seattle based design magazine. Our founder Laura M. Pana wrote an article about #migrationlab, #WTTLR and creating inclusive spaces of encounter in Europe. And now you can read it too here.

Our Welcome to the Living Room concept in Dan Hancox's report on the Idea Camp by European Cultural Foundation, Sweden, September 2015.: Monopoly for the people: three strange days at the urbanism "idea camp"


The City is Ours! How young Idea Makers want to rediscover their communities Bits of Laura's migration story and migrationlab's living room in this beautifully written article (in Dutch) by Tomas Vanheste in the context of our participation in the Idea Camp in Botkyrka, Sweden by European Cultural Foundation.

De Correspondent is a Dutch online journalism platform that focuses on background, analysis, investigative reporting, and the kinds of stories that tend to escape the radar of the mainstream media. 


migrationlab‬ and ‪Welcome To The Living Room‬ in Nordens Tidning magazine for Scandinavia in their special report on Democracy and Idea Camp Programme by European Cultural Foundation, where Laura M. Pana represented migrationlab in September 2015. 


Laura M. Pana, migrationlab and project partner Dominik Nostitz, verein08 made a stop at Radio FM4, Austria's cultural-based Radio Station, to talk about the living room we co-created with migrants, refugees and local Austrians during the Vienna Design Week Sept - Oct 2015.

Laura M. Pana about migrationlab and #mystorycounts campaign with Lily-Anne Stroobach, journalists and owner DutchbuzZ Radio Station for Internationals in The Hague, The Netherlands. Recorded at The Hague Public Library on June 3rd 2015 and aired on June 9th on Den Haag FM.



Laura M. Pana on Realitatea TV, Romania

On April 14th, 2015 Laura was invited to the widely popular Morning Show Dimineata de Stiri on private network Realitatea TV in Bucharest, Romania to discuss with Romanian TV Host Dorin Chiotea about migrationlab, challenges and opportunities as a migrant in Europe, acceptance, tolerance and cultural diversity.

Laura M. Pana, migrationlab founder, reflects on migration, identity, integration and shares migrationlab's story on Radio Romania International, Romanian Radio Broadcasting Corporation, April 3rd 2015.

Laura M. Pana, founder migrationlab, on Radio Romania InternationalRomanian Broadcasting Company, in a 3 minutes teaser on migration and identity. The entire discussion, in Romanian, will be on air on April 3rd at 20:05 (Romania Time) during the Show "Generatia viitoare" / "Future Generation". Stay tuned! 

Laura discusses with Riem Hingazi Reality Check Host at radioFM4 Vienna, Austria about what migrationlab is and what aims to do on the occasion of migrationlab's official launch in vienna, austria on march 05, 2015.


Laura visited radioFM4, Austrian Broadcasting Corporation's culture-based station, on the occasion of the migrationlab's official launch in Vienna, Austria on March 05, 2015. Laura was the guest of John Megill and Roland Gratzer, Morning Show Hosts.