At a time when migration raises many debates and significant public anxiety in Europe, mainly due to negative political discourse and news in mainstream media, intercultural communication has become a key component in merging differences and perspectives and connecting worlds and individuals. 

What is and how do we form our perception of the other? How does that affect the way we communicate? How can we break down stereotypes and change mentalities in order to address misperceptions and facilitate migrants' and refugees' integration, so as to enhance social change and resilience in society? 

How can we prevent discrimination and encourage diversity? 

migrationlab was created out of the need to reflect on these issues and to find opportunities and take action to unite migrants, refugees and host communities. Our aim is to facilitate mutual dialogue and understanding, nurture tolerance, stimulate and cultivate curiosity instead of fear to unknown.

Between what I think
what I want to say
what I think I’m saying
what I say
what you want to hear
what you hear
what you think you understand
what you want to understand
and what you understand
there are at least 9 chances
that we will not understand each other
— Bernard Weber