Migrationlab was created at a time when migration was raising many debates and public anxiety in Europe, mainly due to negative political discourse and news in mainstream media, before even the refugee influx in 2015. However, authentic public discussions in which migrants, refugees and locals would share their own perspectives were non-existent. 

Migrationlab debuted as a blog in September 2014 showcasing Laura M. Pana's personal journey and reflections on being a Romanian migrant in Europe. At the time, the goal of the blog was to function as an online laboratory that generates wider authentic conversations and explores the notions of home, identity, mobility, multilingualism, gender equality together with migrants, refugees and locals all over the world. Having as starting point her own stories and encouraging in the process other people to share their own. 

As a result of positive feedbacks, three months later, the blog migrated to a project and ultimately to a non-profit organization.

Migrationlab took shape out of the need to co-create a dedicated physical space and time where we migrants, refugees and locals reflect on who we are, where we come from and work together on how to live together in the same neighbourhood or city. Thus, generating new ways to communicate with and relate to each other in public space or at work.

This online space reflects our incredible journey since 2014 and we hope it inspires you to take action in any way you can to foster diversity and inclusion in your own locality.