July 2, 2016 // The Hague


For the 2nd time in The Hague, our Migrationlab Living Room arrived at Humanity House on July 2. The creation of this Living Room followed the collaborative work of a group of 20 migrants, refugees and Dutch locals during the Welcome To The Living Room Co-Design Workshop, organized at the Leiden University College The Hague on March 30, 2016. 

On Saturday July 2 we created a safe space to open up our minds and hearts with moving stories, laughs, music, dance, sadness, shame, resilience, befrending, wisdom, inspiration, belonging, and ultimately getting a new family.
As someone put it on the Migrationlab Living Room walls: "Family" is bigger than the few of us.


Storytellers and Topics

  • Lia (11 years old)
    On how she experiences migration
  • Canan Marasligil
    Freelance writer, literary translator, editor and curator. Canan shared how translation and languages shape the way she experiences cities and how it affects her emotionally and creatively.Find out more at cananmarasligil.net cityintranslation.com
  • Musab Al-Ahdab on his journey from Syria to Europe and his dreams and hopes for a new life in The Netherlands
  • Els Nachtegaal
    Dutch citizen from The Hague, concerned with polarization and trying to make connections in the society. Els initiated the Cultuurmaatje / Cultural Budies project
    which connects Dutch volunteers with
    refugees to undertake cultural activities together
  • Special Performance by Caffeine
    Included plays about how refugees are welcomed in Europe and a Jam Session with our guests.

Thank you
To all of you who joined the Migrationlab community on July 2
To our inspiring storytellers; volunteers, collaborators, participants to the Welcome To The Living Room Co-Design Workshop The Hague
To our big hearted energetic Migrationlab Team
To our partners Humanity House for hosting us and European Cultural Foundation for enabling the activities within the project through the Idea Camp R&D Grant this year

Photos by Erinc Salor, Canan Marasligil and Migrationlab