Migrationlab co-creates opportunities with and for migrants, refugees and locals to meet, interact, and inspire each other in cities across Europe. 

Through the transformation of urban spaces to public living rooms and the use of storytelling, art, creative activities and food Migrationlab re-imagines how to acknowledge, communicate with and relate to each other in daily social contexts. 

We empower the 3 communities to have a voice, take decisions and find solutions together about how to co-exist in their neighbourhoods and cities, co-create, express themselves creatively on topics that matter to them, work in teams, practice empathy and dialogue, listen to each other.
As well as take action in their own local realities. 

Since our start late 2014, we have been running projects in:

Other European cities will follow
Stay tuned!

Discover how we improved the social relationships between migrant, refugee and local communities in The Netherlands and how Migrationlab grew as an organization in 2016. 

The activities were possible thanks to the European Cultural Foundation (ECF) and ECF Idea Camp R&D Grant. You can access the report online and download it in PDF.






A new participatory European Network for local actors of change. 

The programme is implemented by MitOst in cooperation with Stiftung Mercator, Robert Bosch Stiftung and the European Cultural Foundation.