Finding new ways to communicate with and relate to each other
in multicultural contexts

The results of our research reveal the growth of Migrationlab as an organization as well as the positive impact the Welcome to the Living Room activities have for the migrant, refugee and local communities in The Netherlands. 

Our Social Impact Report 2016 is now available. The report offers an overview on the Migrationlab activities during the research and development year within the European Cultural Foundation Idea Camp R&D Grant 2016. 

You can access it online and download the full report in PDF. 



Article by Daniela Vicherat Mattar, Assistant Professor of Sociology at Leiden University College The Hague

Why do we need Migrationlab Living Rooms? by Dana C. Popa, Trans-cultural Systemic Therapist

My contribution to making people feel welcome by Gabriela Bustamante, Designer and Senior Instructor at The Hague University of Applied Sciences