migrationlab Launch

Welcome to The Living Room - Verein08, March 2015  Vienna, Austria



Alina Serban // Romania

Alina is a performance and research artist and works in the social field

W.H.O.M.B.E or ‘On the notion of home’
Where are you from? No, where are you really from? What do you do here? For how long are you here? Are you planning to go back? Don’t you just want to go back? Where is your home? Where is your home? Where is your home? Where is your W.H.O.M.B.E?

Elodie Grethen // France

Elodie is a photographer and founder of Dernier Tramway Photography

"Bewegung" / Movement is a photographic series that questions the mutual relation of an immigrant both as foreigner and individual inside an institution and towards the group. The photographs explore the constant changing and unfolding relation to the group and the space that shape the definition of one self.


Bewegung/Movement Series by Elodie Grethen

Harold Otto // USA

After leaving his family's farm south of Chicago, Harold has encountered five continents while working with economic development and humanitarian aid projects

Harold shared stories about appreciating migrants (voluntary & involuntary), pilgrims and nomads.

Ingi Mehus is an adoptee immigrant from South-Korea with Norwegian citizenship and is currently based in the Netherlands

Ingi is the founder of Pocket Stories, a global project aiming to unite migrants and travellers through educational journeys

Ingi’s story discussed the hypocrisy of mobility labelling and explored how travelling can empower to see the world through a non-mainstream lens with personal travel stories.

Byzantine Flavour 

Folk music from balkan region with strong basis on macedonian and serbian indigenous musical tradition.

Nemanja Andjelkovic - acoustic guitars
Zelimir Djordjevic - acoustic guitars
Manuel Pitsch – percussion