at NIFFO Galerie / Recycle Studio
October 26, 2016 / Rotterdam 


A huge thank you to everyone who came to say hello at our 10th Welcome To The Living Room event in Rotterdam. We had a great turnout, lots of smiles, Moroccan tea and snacks, art, stories and perspectives on how to live together with our similarities and differences.

Here's a glimpse into our evening, and check back soon @migrationlab on Facebook & Twitter & Instagram. We'll be sharing more event highlights in the coming days.

Don't take our word for it, learn what attending a Migrationlab Welcome to the Living Room event is like from Piyali Sircar.

Again, thank you to all who made this event possible. Especially, the Migrationlab Team 2016. Our partners: European Cultural Foundation /  NIFFO Galerie/ Recycle Studio and Word Alchemists. And our musician and storytellers:

>> Wendy Teixeira

>> Mohammed Khrata

>> Roos Muis

>> Mohamed Sulaiman

>> Gohar Shachbazov

>> Adam Dupaski

>> Joran Koster



Photo credits: 
Günther Balatka for Migrationlab