Diverse City Co-Design Workshop

A follow up event of the Peace through Culture, a citizens' dialogue 

Laaktheater, The Hague // October 12, 2017



Diversity is all around us in public space. However, this is often not reflected in our (future) professional surroundings. How to close the gap? How to diversify one’s own professional surroundings? For an afternoon around 40 participants -students, young professionals, local cultural practitioners and policy makers- worked together on concrete proposals and an action plan, taking inspiration from the Laakkwartier neighbourhood after exploring the area with local guides. This is a glimpse into the "Diverse City" Co-design workshop facilitated by Migrationlab and co-organized together with European Cultural FoundationThe Hague University of Applied Sciences and hosted by Laaktheater in The Hague last Thursday, October 12. 

The "Diverse City" Co-Design Workshop is a follow up event of the Peace through Culture, a citizens dialogue held in May at the Peace Palace in The Hague, which brought together different stakeholders who discussed the vital role that culture plays in shaping tomorrow’s societies and in building more cohesive and diverse communities. 

Thank you everyone who joined us on Thursday, October 12!
More details about the "Diverse City" Co-design Workshop's outcomes are available here.