Welcome to the Living Room
at Stukafest Rotterdam


Full house during our Welcome to the Living Room Special Screening & Discussion at Stukafest Rotterdam. Stories and reflections of migrants, refugees and Dutch locals during the Migrationlab Living Rooms in Amsterdam, The Hague and Rotterdam in 2016 were presented for the first time during the festival.

We were very excited to present this video collage to a young audience and discuss about how we can co-exist in the same space with our differences and similarities.

Special thanks go to filmmaker & video artist Farhad Vilkiji for capturing so beautifully on camera our thoughts, smiles and emotions in 2016; to our student hosts who welcomed us so warmly in their student dorm/living room and prepared a delicious dinner for us; to our dear friend Canan Marasligil for being there once again and for her constant support and Stukafest Rotterdam 2017 for inviting us to be part of such a vibrant festival!