Be part of social change


Together we improve social relationships in communities across Europe

Design with us public living rooms across Europe.

Come by to our welcome to the living room cultural events in different European cities.

Be a host storyteller in our public living rooms. All forms of expression are welcomed!

Contribute your migration story to our #mystorycounts campaign.

Recommend a storyteller to us. We welcome diverse cultural and professional backgrounds.


Please get in touch if: 

You know organizations, which offer grants in the fields of migration, culture, education or social design.

You  know or work for a commercial company who would be interested in including migrationlab in its corporate social responsibility programme.

You know or work for organizations, commercial companies, design furniture shops and home accessories, schools, universities, which would be interested in collaborating with us.

You have other ideas on how to make migrationlab sustainable.


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Alina Serban - Michael Barla - Elodie Grethen - Harold Otto - Byzantine Flavour - Stuart Jolley-Socea - Sascha Osaka - Through A Foreign Lens - Photography by Peter Leggett - Catrinel Chiriac - Teresa Kropatschek - Christina Muschol - Olivia Katana - Adina Maiorescu - Günther Balatka